About Us


WHAT WE DO: Offer cutting-edge creative support, collaboration and direction to corporate communication and entertainment companies. Create extraordinary ideas with an understanding of practical realities. Provide single source creative direction, writing, coaching and stage direction to make your production seamless.

HOW WE DO IT: Gain the deepest possible knowledge of our clients, their vision, goals and culture. Utilize that knowledge to ignite the spark that creates and brings the client’s message vibrantly to life. Communicate that message with clear creative vision, delivering an event in which all elements–writing, staging, presentations and integrated entertainment—are aligned in seamless unity.

WHY CHOOSE US? Experience: We know how to make ideas happen. From concept to execution, we have the experience to develop and guide every step of your project. Teamwork: We draw on the combined experience of a diverse and creative team with extensive practical stage, theatrical and business theater experience. Signature: We discover that intersection where creative inspiration and business realities meet.